Organizational Structure

The existing agencies placed under the stewardship of the MOPT by statute are as follows:

  • The eGovernment Unit
  • National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU)
  • Arthur Chung Conference Centre
  • The Post Office Corporation
  • Public Utilities Commission

NFMU will be subsumed by the new Telecommunications Agency once the new telecommunication and PUC bills have been passed and becomes law. It is also proposed that NDMA be incorporated into the eGovernment Unit with specific responsibility for the new IT Center of Excellence. The proposal therefore is for the addition of the following departments/divisions.

Information and Outreach Services – It is envisaged that the MOPT will engage in a significant amount of outreach and awareness related activities as part of the overall goal of developing the potential of the ICT Sector. This will mean the building of a media platform to disseminate information and encourage feedback and collaboration. This Unit will therefore be responsible for the management of the ministry’s social media presence and interactive web portal.
Outreach services will also support the awareness and education process with, workshops, hackathons, capacity building seminars etc. The primary function of this will be to provide all logistical support necessary to successful hosting of all planned events. Suggested staff positions is as follows:

  • Director
  • Outreach Coordinators
  • Logistics Officers
  • Wed Services Officers
  • Content Management Officers

Industry and Innovation Policy Unit – The mandate of the MOPT can be divided into two distinct pillars. The first is the effective use of ICT as a cross-cutting component to improve the efficiency and productivity of the public and private sectors. The second is the development of a standalone ICT private sector that can generate revenue, create wealth, jobs and also contribute significantly to the nation’s GDP. This Unit therefore will be responsible for developing the policy for the creation of an enabling environment to foster the growth of the sector as per mandate. Suggested staffing is as follows:

  •   Director
  •   ICT Policy analysts
  •   Planning officers
  •   Research officers
  •   Business Analysts

Specific deliverables include the development of ICT business incubators either jointly or in partnership with the private sector, modernized legislation for industry growth, support for Universal Service access and related obligations, Quality of Service regulations for consumer protection, development of a forecasting roadmap for the seamless incorporation of next technology and related services.


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MOPT - Organisation Structure - June 20, 2016 (2)-1-10 copy

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