The Ministry


WELCOME to the Ministry of Public Telecommunications (MoPT).  This Ministry was established with one overriding purpose, i.e. to ensure that our citizens have easy access to the internet no matter where you live, whether it is in Georgetown, or the North-West District, Mabura or Surama, or at Masekanari in the Deep South of the Rupununi.

colgrainhouseOur main objective is to encourage every Guyanese to learn more about their environments – what grows on and under the soils, what are the known and unknown uses of the plants, minerals, trees, animals, and even the rocks and waters, and specifically to utilize the internet to develop by-products and sell them to the world.  Of course, this includes tourism-related tours and facilities.  We have given ourselves the responsibility to develop a strong relationship with the Private Sector so that our Business Community is able to digitize their operations and trade on an even footing in the international marketplace.

Please read our History and join us in this fast-paced campaign to digitize all of Guyana including ALL government and public services.

When this Ministry came into being in January 2016 our first order of business was to assess and analyze the capacity of the then 4-year old fibre optic cable in Georgetown, and the LTE network laid along our Coastland from Berbice to the Essequibo Coast.

The pace stepped up in Q3 2016 when we began to connect every secondary school within reach of the networks.  At the end of that year, the computer laboratories at 101 secondary schools on the Coast and in the hinterland had been connected.  From 2017 all of our CXC candidates will be able to design and submit their SBA Projects online as required without having to pay for computer usage.

Simultaneously, building on the initiative of President David Granger, we converted the previous OLPF into the One Laptop per Teacher initiative.  The schedule for distribution in Regions 1 to 10 and other specifics was designed and managed by the Ministry of Education.

We are also creating jobs, avenues for our citizens who possess skills in ICT to earn. MoPT staged one Hackathon in 2016.  The 3 similar events planned for 2017/8 should generate additional tech-based public service programmes and applications that will make our citizens’ lives easier and safer, e.g. the ability to apply for passports or birth certificates from post offices or ICT hubs in their communities.

We have a long road to travel to bring Guyana’s technological capacity up to par with our neighbours’.  Concrete plans are already made to increase broadband and expand internet connectivity into Kwakwani, Bushlot Village, Linden, Bartica, the Essequibo Islands, the North West district and far inland regions.  There’s no time to lose and we need your expertise to help us achieve these goals as quickly as possible.

This site will keep you up to date on the work we do phase by phase, the events that will involve you, and our plans for forward movement.  Stay with us.  Together we will achieve what we all wish for – a fully digitized nation running on fast broadband speed.


Catherine Hughes MP