World Post Day 2018


Re-Commissioning of the New Amsterdam Post Office
Monday October 8, 2018

World Theme: The Post: Delivering good to the world

• Regional Chairman of Region 6, Mr. Permaul Armogan
• Honorable Mayor of New Amsterdam, Ms. Winifred Haywood
• Chairman of the GPOC’s Board of Directors, Reverend Dr. Raphael Massiah
• Area Manager of GPOC, Mr. Balkarran Kissoon
• Good people of New Amsterdam, Canje and surrounding areas
• Staff of Post Offices in Berbice
• Special invitees
• Media, friends …

A very good morning to you. I have been given the honour of declaring this rehabilitated New Amsterdam Post Office open once again. It is now equipped to provide you with faster, more efficient and modern services. You have already been told that this building has been fully outfitted with new equipment and modern procedures, but let me reassure you that while we’re re-opening today, the real transformation is still in progress.

Very soon the Ministry of Public Telecommunications is going to add this Post Office to the list of Community ICT hubs for you to utilize the Internet free of charge. We are going to install new computers in a designated section of the building, and keep it open for your children to do their research and class assignments, and for adults to find any kind of information you are interested in, whether it is business, religion, or social events.

Our main objective is to give you easy access to every facility that will make your life better; facilities to help you start that business you’ve been thinking about; and to help your children to realize THEIR dream of scoring the highest C-SEC scores in the entire Caribbean.

Our broad intention is to convert as many Post Offices as possible, all across Guyana, into modern, multi-functional facilities. Our intention is to utilize every available facility to take public services to citizens, and save you the cost and inconvenience of travelling to Georgetown to access them.

This is not only about completing and submitting your passport applications online, it is also about the NIS, the GRA, your taxes and business certificates; it is about birth and marriage certificates; your children’s education and your consultations with medical specialists … all online.

The postal service in Guyana has grown tremendously in recent years with many new services added. Among the improvements and additions are:-
Physical facilities for your comfort, especially for our Pensioners
• Modernized postal systems with technologies for mail tracking, parcel examination for example
• Shipping the items you purchase online, from our (consolidation) base in Miami to Guyana via our Swift Shipping service
• Rental of office space, PO boxes and mail bags
• For Reliable bill payments even to private schools
• The Sale of GPL’s Juice cards and cellphone top up
• Money transfers
• Modernized Parcel post service …
• And if your community wishes to commemorate a special event, perhaps the One Hundredth anniversary of your village, you may request a commemorative stamp to honour the event.

That is not all. The postal service all around the world is changing, expanding the range of their services. Like Guyana, every country is integrating information technologies which are so easily accessible and easy to use. Every country is making sure that their postal systems are able to serve its citizens faster and more efficiently.
It may surprise you to learn that not a single country has abandoned its postal service despite the prevalence of communication technologies. This is because the post is still needed. Our post also has a distinct advantage. The postal network is spread over all 83,000 square miles of Guyana and the logistics for delivering mail and parcels to the coastal and hinterland regions was established more than 50 years ago, and it continues to get better.


I’d like to take this opportunity to urge you to install mailbox on or near to your fence or gate, to allow the GPO to deliver your mail easily. For some years now the GPOC has been racking up high costs to sort and store the mail that could not be delivered to you, mostly because there is no mailbox to place it in.

In consideration of the safety and security of your personal letters, your registered Air and Local mail, your notices and cheques from the NIS, GRA, GTT and GPL, I urge you to put up mail boxes at your homes. Paint on your surnames and Lot Numbers, and mount them where the postal worker could drop in your mail easily.

So, we do have a lot of work to do, and I would like to express our appreciation to the citizens in East Berbice generally for the relationships you have developed with your community post offices. Please feel free to pass on your suggestions for even better services.

I thank you.

Catherine A. Hughes