NDMA Community ICT Hubs

Community ICT HubsThe Community ICT Hubs project was commissioned for the establishment of 24 community based public access ICT sites across Guyana (12 Hinterland & 12 Coastland), in the initial instance. The project involves building community relations and ownership of the spaces through the physical installation of the connectivity infrastructure, the provision of laptops and training for community members. Citizens in the identified communities will be the primary beneficiaries of the project. It is expected that businesses, especially those in the identified communities, will be secondary beneficiaries. This project is ongoing with the initial installations and commissioning expected in the third quarter of 2017.

Region 2
Name of Site Region Address
Affiance 2 Affiance Sports Club, Affiance Essequibo Coast
Good Hope 2 Lot 304 Market street, Good Hope Essequibo
Dartmouth 2 Lot 276 Plotemy Avenue Dartmonth, Essequibo Coast
Queenstown 2 Queenstown Community Center, Queenstown Essequibo Coast
Charity 2 Charity N.D.C Compound, Charity Essequibo Coast
Region 3
Name of Site Region Address
Parika 3 Parika Community Center
Hyde Park 3 Hyde Park/Grove Multi Purpose Building, Hyde Park Grove Public Road, Parika
Wales 3
Goed Intent/Sisters 3 Goed Intent NDC building
Windsor Forest 3 Windsor Forest Community Center
Belle West 3 667 Bel West Canal No. 2
Phoenix Park 3 PYARG Building Phoenix Park
La Parfaite Harmonie 3 Queenstown Community Center, Queenstown Essequibo Coast
Farm 3 Farm  Community Center
Bagotville 3 150 Community Centre Road Bagotville
Salem 3 Salem Public Library Building
Stanleytown 3 St Marks Presbyterian Church Annex
Free and Easy 3 Farmers Building Compound
Stewartville 3 Stewartville Old Road, NDC Building
Region 4
Name of Site Region Address
Agricola 4
Beterverwagting 4
Better Hope 4
Buxton 4
Craig 4 401 School Street Craig E.B.D
Golden Grove 4
Grove 4 Grove Police Station Street, Nursery School Compound, Craft Centre Building E.B.D
Nabacalis 4 Nabacalis NDC Compound
Plaisance 4
Region 5
Name of Site Region Address
Calcutta 5 Catharine CA-LAB Community Center Compound
Litchfield 5 Litchfield Health Center Compound
Mahaicony 5 Farm Community Center Compound
Trafalgar / Union 5 No.30 Village Public Road, W.C.B
Region 6
Name of Site Region Address
Crabwood Creek 6 Crabwood Creek Community Center Grant 1803
Glasgow 6 Glasgow Housing Scheme, East Bank Berbice
Kildonan 6 Kildonan Muti-purpose Building,Kildonan Corentyne Berbice
Liverpool/Lancaster/Manchester 6 Liverpool Village Corentyne Berbice
No.53 Village 6 No.53 Village Corentyne Berbice
Port Mourant 6 Port Mourant NDC Compund Corentyne Berbice
Sandvoort 6
Smithfield 6
Region 7
Name of Site Region Address
Iwokrama 7
Region 9
Name of Site Region Address
Masakenari 9
Region 10
Name of Site Region Address
Bamia 10
Block 22 10
Victory Valley 10