Young Children to Retirees in West Ruimveldt utilizing Community ICT Hub

Residents of West Ruimveldt are making full use of the FREE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET at their Community ICT Hub which was officially commissioned on Wednesday 30 January at the David Rose Centre on the West Ruimveldt Front Road.

The ten laptop computers which were set up in the hub since September 2018, along with the Wi-Fi equipment are now insufficient for the large number of users the Centre accommodates every day.

Public Telecommunications Minister, Catherine Hughes, was on hand to formally open the ICT hub. She lost no time in engaging the residents to let them know about the numerous ways in which they could enrich their lives and livelihoods with new information that is easily available in the vast library of data that is available at a click online.

Addressing the gathering of residents at the commissioning ceremony, she said that to date, “this is the 172nd Community ICT Hub that we have put into operation across the length and breadth of this land – on the coast, in inland and hinterland areas. This is very necessary, people. We have to make sure that you ALL know how to use computer; that you are able to find the information you need online, and that you develop the ability to create things like websites, flyers for your parties and community events, sports and concerts”.

The Minister reiterated, “This ICT hub serves many, many purposes, all with benefits for citizens, such as applying for a new passport right here at the hub instead of going to the Immigration Office. There are many other Government services available online, and you are now able to help your children to study and find past test Maths and English papers from Khan’s Academy and Brainstreet”.

She continued: “Every child and adult must be able to access the ICT Hub within this community. Our Ministry is devoted to training so we are coming back to train you to make sure that every individual, from children to retirees, can use the computers, access the Internet, find information, and create things,” Minister Hughes added.

She disclosed that each laptop in the ICT Hub contains over 100 soft copies of the text books recommended by the Ministry of Education which, in the long run, saves parents some money as they may not have to purchase text books for all of their school aged children. Research material such as papers and treatises written by experts are also online to help Fourth and Fifth Formers and university students with assignments. She urged parents to accompany their children to the Hub for support and encouragement.

IMG_0614City Councillor for constituency West and East Ruimveldt, Trichria Richards, was also on hand for the commissioning. She said that it made her very proud to see the children and adults in the community welcome the free computers so heartily. She mentioned the fact that the David Rose Centre is filled to capacity every evening with students looking for information online and researching their SBA’s.

Like the Minister, Ms. Richards urged the adults who are better equipped to help, to teach others some of what they know about computers and the worldwide web.

The facilities at the West Ruimveldt Community ICT Hub have been in use since last September. In their determination to create a more comfortable working space, the hub’s Managing Committee painstakingly acquired the materials to build the cubicles, complete the electrical wiring, keep the computers working and finally acquire the chairs which have been donated by the Food for the Poor organization.

The committee has the responsibility to keep the hub functional and properly resourced at all times.