Wisburg High school graduates encouraged to pursue ICT careers

Minister of Public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes has charged the graduating class of the Wisburg Secondary School to consider careers in Information and Communications Technology.

The minister was at the time addressing the 17th Annual Graduation and Prize Giving Exercise of the Wisburg Secondary School on Wednesday.

Minister Hughes told the students that Guyana is rapidly progressing with a brand-new business model that it includes a focus on increased entrepreneurial activities, a new oil and gas (or Hydrocarbon) industry; an expanded manufacturing sector; and a broader Agricultural sector that includes Agro-Processing among many others.

She emphasised, “My point is that Information Technology is the key element of these industries. In fact, ICT is important to every single industrial sector in these times we live in.”

Minister Hughes advised the graduates to pursue higher education, whether it be at a University or Technical/Vocational institution or online. She noted that across the board, secondary level students are turning in better performances in the subjects that are most needed in the world of work, and in the world of higher technology.

Graduates of the Wisburg Secondary School.
Graduates of the Wisburg Secondary School.

“I want to remind you that “you are the chosen generation, because you are naturally proficient with the technological skills required in today’s world. You know that mini-computer called a smart-phone better than I do. Many of you are creating apps, establishing your own small businesses, promoting your services and products on your Facebook page, Whatsapp and other social media applications,” Minister Hughes said.

The exercise saw teachers, eager graduates and their proud parents gathered in the school’s auditorium to witness this rite of passage.

Source: Gabreila Patram – DPI