STEM Guyana to Certify Over 50 New Coaches in Preparation for National Robotics Tournament

STEM Guyana, in association with the Ministry of Public Telecommunications, will conduct a series of Certification programmes for technology ‘buffs’, youth leaders and teachers who are interested in starting Technology Clubs in their own and nearby communities. The one-day sessions will be held over three consecutive days from February 1 to 3, and they are each expected to accommodate about 20 participants.

This STEM certification programme is the brainchild of one co-founder of STEM Guyana, Leon Caleb Christian. It will be co-ordinated by other co-founders, Karen Abrams, a Start-up Inclusion Consultant, and Ima Christian who is currently pursuing studies at Stanford University, California, USA. STEM Guyana’s local Master Trainers will also be on hand to facilitate.

The potential coaches will learn all about the International STEM League; about the best ways to organize and lead a Technology Club; how to use the League’s competition software; the rudiments of building and programming robots; and the fundamentals of MIT Scratch programming. Scratch is a programming language and online community where Techs get assistance to create their own interactive stories, games and animations.

Following the Certification programme, the new Coaches will be expected to form clubs and then prepare their teams for competition in the upcoming Scratch and Robotics nationwide (Guyana) tournaments. These will be officially launched by STEM Guyana at the end of February 2018, and community teams led by more than 50 Coaches are expected to participate.

The seminars will begin with 20 coaches from across the country who had signed up online. On the second day, Friday February 2, STEM Guyana will host 20 teachers from local public schools, while teachers from Bartica along with several private schools will be prepared for certification on Saturday February 3.

Each day the session will begin at 8:30 am in the Ministry of Public Telecommunications Conference Room.

Interested teachers and youth leaders should email to request further information.