Tremendous progress in local ICT sector – Min. Hughes

– World Telecommunication Day observed

Minister of Public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes in her World Telecommunication and Information Society Day address (WTISD) says the local ICT sector has progressed tremendously in the last two years connecting some 120 locations countrywide onto a secure e-government network.

Starting in 2016, the Ministry of Public Telecommunications made a promise to not only improve connectivity but to provide internet access countrywide and has been steadily working to achieve these goals.

Providing online learning opportunities and expanding the e-government network were primary objectives.

The education sector, Minister Hughes said is where the emphasis is being placed. She alluded to the delivery of laptop computers to teachers in the 10 administrative regions.

This is being followed up with computer literacy training for those teachers who are not yet computer literate, primarily in the Hinterland.

The focus now, with support from the private sector is connecting the primary schools.

This year’s WTISD is being celebrated under the International Telecommunications Union-developed theme, “Enabling the positive use of artificial intelligence for all.”

In this regard, Minister Hughes highlighted the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), which she noted forms the basis of the “high-tech” world we live and conduct business in.

“We are going to give our children, every single tool they need to learn and excel at the four big sisters, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics,” the Minister committed.

She lauded the work of the STEM Guyana Robotics clubs in helping them build the capacity of children across the country.

The evolving role of Artificial Intelligence and the interest shown by Guyanese children in this field was also highlighted by the Public Telecommunications Minister.

Development, in the Guyanese context Minister Hughes, said is building a green economy comprising a smart capital, smart towns and interconnected public services.

She also acknowledged the commitment by the 117 management committees of the Community ICT hubs.

Source: Stacy Carmichael – DPI

Image courtesy of DPI