Three lucky recipients receive free mailboxes

– as part of GPOC’s mailbox sensitisation campaign

Three lucky homeowners received the first 4 of 100 free mailboxes as part of the Guyana Post Office Corporation’s (GPOC) mailbox awareness campaign and promotion.

Launched in February this year, the initiative aims to help reduce the high volume of returned mail to post offices across the country, due to the absence of mailboxes.

Minister of Public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes is greeted by the staff of the GPOC.
Minister of Public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes is greeted by the staff of the GPOC.

Minister of Public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes said the GPOC has provided over 225 years of service to Guyana and it will continue do so as it make changes to effectively meet the needs of its customers. On many occasions, she said, changes have been made to the internal operations so quietly and smoothly that no one noticed.

“This time the change we are implementing cannot be successful without the assistance of citizens of Guyana. This is part of the plan to make our postal service more efficient. We need your full cooperation and support so that we can deliver your mail safely and securely,” the minister explained.

Minister Hughes said the initiative also aims to ensure the safety of the corporation’s mailmen and women. She also highlighted that the Ministry/Corporation is also keen to promote small the micro and small businesses for the artisans who make the mailboxes. “We will put them on display i the post offices to encourage sales for you,” she said.

“To the young and the not-so-young entrepreneurs: if you are making postboxes please contact the GPOC because we are willing to help you get your product to the people. If you produce a quality product for a cost-effective price, people would buy your mailboxes. We have been talking with some innovative young people who have come up with beautiful, imaginative designs for mailboxes, some more expensive than others, but we are willing to display all of these innovative and creative boxes,” Minister Hughes said.

The residents who received FREE mailboxes on Wednesday reside in District ‘A’ which includes Georgetown. They were randomly selected after a survey and analysis were done to determine the people and locations where there are no mailboxes.

The Postmaster General, Ms. Karen Brown noted that the GPOC’s operations are divided into six districts, Areas ‘A’ to ‘F’ and the managers in all districts have randomly selected recipients and present the free mailboxes before the end of the year.

“It is the Christmas season and what better way to give back to our faithful customers. This campaign, however, represents more than an acknowledgement of the public’s continuous support throughout the years, it is also for the customers’ own benefit, for the safety and security of their mail,” the PMG stated.

Source: Neola Damon – DPI

Images: Adrian Persaud.