Robotic kits and training for St. Pius students

― Min. Hughes visits to observe progress on Robotics Club

― establishment of ICT Hubs to continue

Minister of Public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes visited St. Pius Primary School today to observe the progress made by the student members of the newly established robotics club in the school.

A student interacting with animation
A student participating in the program

On Monday last, the ministry donated Robotic kits to St. Pius Primary School to facilitate the training of the students in Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). When the ministerial team visited on Wednesday two days after the presentation, the students were already able to use the robotic kits and with some knowledge of the scratch programme, they were able to explain what they were doing and the results they were working towards.

Audrey Messiah, a teacher at St. Pius Primary, commented on the initiative noting that the “Robotics club is a really good programme” because it allows for the expansion of the students’ vocabulary, and it requires them to apply what they have learnt to create things from their own imaginations.

Minister of Public Telecommunications
Minister of Public Telecommunications

Minister Hughes said that the Ministry is working hard to ensure that our Guyanese children have access to the “same opportunities, the same information that any child in any other part of the world would have”.

She told her audience of 10-year-old Robotic Club members, teachers, the Head Teacher and other students that the aim of MoPT is to ensure that Guyanese youths are “exposed to Technology and have opportunities for training”. In pursuit of this objective, the Ministry through the NDMA, has established 174 Community ICT hubs across Guyana, all of which are equipped with internet access and computers.

Some 35 of these hubs will be used by STEMGuyana in the coming months to train students and youths living in the identified communities in Robotics, graphic design, Coding, and website building “absolutely free of cost”.

DSC_0281Minister Hughes took the opportunity to urge teachers to take full advantage of the opportunities being sent their way, and to take care of the materials and equipment being provided by the government.

Karen Abrams, Coordinator of STEMGuyana, said that the NGO intends to spearhead the introduction of Robotic to schools where the “talent is evenly distributed, but the opportunities are not”.

The STEM and Robotics training initiative is being executed collaboratively by the Ministry of Public Telecommunications, the Ministry of Education, the Department of Culture, Youth and Sport, and STEMGuyana.