Public Telecommunications Ministry introduces Farmer’s App in Berbice during “Taking Government to the People” outreach

― mobile app will provide international trade for farmers – Min. Hughes

At the ‘Government Comes to you’ outreach on Tuesday 16 April at the University of Guyana’s Tain, Berbice Campus, Minister Cathy Hughes met with Berbician farmers and took the opportunity re-introduce the new Agricultural Produce Trade Exchange application.

This app was created by a team of young men in the Innovative Systems Solutions Company for the Ministry’s Code Sprint competition late 2017 and for which they won the first prize. The Company, InnoSys, spent the last year refining the app and preparing for its launch. Since March, the team in consort with the Ministry’s Industry and Innovation Department, has been introducing the app to Extension officers at NAREI, the New Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC), to agro processors and end users of local agricultural products.

It was first introduced to another group of farmers in the Corentyne, Berbice during the Caribbean Telecommunications Union 24th Roadshow held in Guyana in July 2018.
The app was designed to utilize the Internet to bring together growers, middlemen, buyers, retailers and wholesalers of fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and other agricultural produce in one online place.

In her remarks to the farmers who were present at the Tain outreach, Minister Hughes pointed out the many benefits to farmers. These benefits include:-

A wider scope for employment of skilled and unskilled labour

The opportunity for children and youths who are more technologically inclined, to participate in the operations of the mostly family-owned farms

The increasing use of drones for fertilizing, seeding and visual inspections for the presence of pests and diseases

Apps to test and analyse soil moisture content

Easier access to transportation and other logistics to move produce from farm to market or ship

The huge opportunity for Farmers to acquire a better understanding of pricing regimes used around the world, the tourist industry and their needs, shipping and licensing requirements country by country .

Minister Hughes reminded them of the undeniable fact that Guyana has the most fertile soil in the Caribbean region which allows our farmers to cultivate almost any crop. The app also allows farmers to speak to each other and make arrangements to combine their gross produce to satisfy very large orders in and outside of Guyana.