PM recommends Science & Technology career paths to Berbice Secondary school graduates

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, performing the functions of President, spent Thursday November 9 in Berbice where he addressed graduating students of the Corentyne Comprehensive High and the New Amsterdam Multilateral Schools.

Himself a, alumnus of Corentyne Comprehensive High, PM Nagamootoo advised the graduates to reach for higher learning opportunities, to explore new areas of knowledge that challenge the backwardness and ignorance of the past.

He also pointed the students in the direction of STEM subjects – Science, Technology, English and Mathematics when making decisions to further their studies.

“We have to move into the new mode of educating our students of this new generation so that they would not be condemned to work under the sun like a beast of burden with a bundle of cane on his head. In this new age, science and technology will give most students that step up into the new world, a new country that is education driven, that is intellectually driven”.

The Corentyne Comprehensive High school recorded a 77.51 percent pass rate at CSEC 2017, on par with the New Amsterdam Multilateral and JC Chandisingh Secondary schools which have both have recorded 79 percent pass rates.

An animated Head teacher, Nirmala Somwaru-Husain, stated that the accomplishment of the school she oversees is exemplary.

The best graduating student, Claudius Depoo was unable to attend but his proud parents received his awards. It was noted that Murphy Bagot who secured 2nd place did so while still grieving for his deceased father. Other notable performers were Vijay Mohabir, Parmeshwar Persaud, Kenisha Matheson and Rennae Bender.

On the same day, the PM and Minister Hughes attended the graduation ceremony at the New Amsterdam Multilateral School. PM again encouraged the students to continue aiming high, particularly in the fields of Science and Technology.

“We want all students to recognise that nothing will be more important for a country such as Guyana than education. This government will spare no effort to ensure that facilities are provided, that technological support is given. Every school should be equipped with a computer lab, every school should be accessing the internet, every school must have easy access to the internet … you need to have school buses, you need to have books, some need to have boats, hot meals for those in riverain areas”.

Eion Jotis and Sherlyn Semple were the two top performers of New Amsterdam Multilateral.

Minister of Public Telecommunications, Cathy Hughes gave brief remarks and reminded the graduates that the ICT sector has need for fresh minds. “I want to urge you to continue to study, to acquire higher education whether it is at the University of Guyana, at a technical/vocational institute or even online,” she stated.

The graduates were advised to never underestimate their abilities, to defy conventional thinking, and to be unafraid of taking their rightful place in the world.

Source: Natasha Smith – DPI