Guyana to have first ever National Robotics Competition

Guyana will be hosting its first ever National Robotics Competition this year.

Karen Abrams the CO-Founder of STEM Guyana
Karen Abrams the CO-Founder of STEM Guyana

The competition which will attract at least 60 teams from all 10 administrative regions isn’t aimed at youths being perfect at robot building. It’s a challenge to be optimistic, to learn, to strengthen skills, to think critically and to solve conflicts, said STEM Guyana Co-Founder Karen Abrams.

Lethem came on board last week to be a part of the competition. They are looking to take a trip out to Mabaruma as well to engage them in the initiative. The first Global Robotics International Competition will be held in October, in Dubai.

However, the National Robotics in Guyana from May 5 is a pre-qualifier for the International Youth Robotics Competition held in August in Korea.

The team for this isn’t necessarily going to be the team that wins the Guyanese leg but the more talented will be put into a team and they will represent the country.

STEM Guyana is looking at sponsorship, as well as parents either being able to come or send their child or children if they are selected.

She expressed joy at the youths being brought up to speed with children from other countries, and that they are being brought in line for the betterment of the country.



Source: Kaieture News Online