Press Release – Ministry of Public Telecommunications signs innovative MOU with MACORP.

September 16, 2019


Ministry of Public Telecommunications signs innovative MOU with MACORP.

Minister of Telecommunications Catherine Hughes and Chief Executive Officer of the Machinery Corporation (MACORP) Guillermo Escarraga today signed a Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate free online training for persons interested in becoming certified with technical skills for the repair and maintenance of heavy machinery.

Under their Caterpillar “Technicians for the Caribbean” program, the Telecommunications Ministry has teamed up with MACORP to provide support where access to computer systems and the internet is concerned.

At a simple signing event, Minister Hughes expressed profound gratitude to the Machinery Company for providing an opportunity that has life changing potential for any individual who chooses to participate in the training programme. She said that Government is committed to making maximum use of potential technology has to provide education and skills training opportunities to all young persons in Guyana.

The I57 internet hubs spread across the country provides the location for citizens especially young men to start the program of certified training in operations, repair and maintenance of heavy duty machines.  The MACORP programme can after one year provide employment and work study opportunities to participants who perform to high standards.  The Ministry has been pushing for increased use of the internet for especially educational purposes.

Minister Hughes said that her Ministry without hesitation threw its support behind the MACORP initiative. “We have made an important match between online learning, using technology to enhance educational opportunities and in turn propelling the value of an individual and their skills.” Being able to offer the online training program on a group and community basis with the support and guidance of MACORP will begin a transformation in terms of training and development in the technical area.

The Minister noted that under the MACORP program, the individual will be able to access a series of online training modules and commence their studies at their own pace with the guidance and support of MACORP. The service technician course may last from three to six months or longer and successful participants will receive MACORP certification which is internationally recognized.

CEO of MACORP Mr. Guillermo Escarraga said that the machine and equipment company, Caterpillar had commenced the service technician course on the African continent some years ago, but also saw an opportunity to launch the programme within the Caribbean. He said dealers were invited to be a part of the programme and MACORP quickly supported the initiative given its educational value.

“We are happy to see that we are partnering with several stakeholders to make sure that people have the opportunity to take the program and actually get the certificate. At the end of the program, people will get the certificate that is valid not only in Guyana but throughout the world.” Mr. Escarraga said the program has eight modules and persons will be exposed to the aspects of technical and safety principles among others. Successful individuals will also have an opportunity to be part of MACORP’s intern program and later, the possibility of full employment with the agency.

MACORP’s program through the network of ICT hubs and internet connected locations will be able to reach far flung communities that previously had no internet connection and public computer systems. The company’s Training Director Miguel Oviedo said MACORP’s technician program is a testament to the company’s slogan of “Building Guyana together.” He spoke of the Company’s goals and commitment to assisting in the overall development of the country through the availability of such educational programs that can have positive impacts on access to employment.

Persons interested in participating in the free service technician course may visit MACORP and the Ministry of Public Telecommunication’s websites for more information. End.