NFMU’s Girls in ICT Day 2019 Message

Girls in ICT Day
April 25, 2019

Theme: “Expand horizons, Change attitudes”



Today Guyana proudly joins the rest of the world to celebrate and observe International Girls in ICT Day. The theme this year is: “Expand horizons, Change attitudes”.

This special time of year was earmarked by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to encourage young girls and women to consider the many benefits of careers in the very wide and exciting field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). The main objective is to find ways to bring about balance among the two main genders, in life and in the workplace.

ICTs have the potential to become the greatest gender equalizers, especially in developing countries like Guyana.

In addition to encouraging girls to learn Coding and Programming, the NFMU is also encouraging our girls to be more aware, and to adopt safe habits/approaches when online. Over the last three weeks, in association with the Computer Science Department of the University of Guyana, the NFMU hosted three Tech Day Camps at Charity, Essequibo, in Georgetown and at the St. Cuthbert’s Mission. Approximately one hundred Third and Fourth Form students and their teachers listened to our discussions on Cyber Security and ICTs for Development.

Valmikki Singh, Managing Director NFMU.
Valmikki Singh, Managing Director NFMU.

Today, at the Girls in ICT Day Exhibition at the Giftland Mall at Liliendaal, eight (8) projects are on display and being demonstrated. They have been developed from the ground up by female students in UG’s Computer Science Department, and participants in the Ministry of Public Telecommunications’ Guyanese Girls Code initiative. These projects are only small samples of what our Guyanese girls are capable of doing. The NFMU encourages you to visit the exhibition today at the Giftland Mall from 12:00 to 16:00 hrs.

Additionally, the NFMU Tech Forum this year discuses Women in Technology, and that programme will be aired on NCN Ch. 11 this afternoon at 16:30 hrs.

In the very near future, the NFMU will become a vibrant part of the new Telecommunications Agency which was established with the passage of the Telecommunications Act 2016. We wish to take this opportunity to express heartfelt gratitude to all of our Private and Public Sector partners who have unstintingly collaborated with the Unit over the years to host a lot of very successful Girls in ICT Day activities. We hope that the Telecommunications Agency (within which we continue to function) will receive your support which is always beneficial to our citizens.
Our overall mandate within the context of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence which are leading the technological revolution in the world today is to make technology and applications easily available, easily teachable, and truly transformational.

We can do it with the involvement of every citizen becoming computer literate with many learning to write Code. We have the capacity, creativity, capability and the obligation to digitize own lives, learning, health and wellbeing, and our businesses.

On behalf of the NFMU, I wish all of Guyana’s Girls an inspiring “Girls in ICT Day 2019” and urge you to move fearlessly ahead to live a truly satisfying life.