ICT Hub for Itaballi in a few weeks

The community of Itaballi, located on the lower Mazaruni river in Region 7, is welcomed into the new age of technology as MoPT prepares to commission an ICT hub in the riverain community.

Minister Cathy Hughes visited the community after the Public Outreach to Bartica on Wednesday June 19 and after making the announcement, explained the great benefits that access to the Internet will bring to residents. She said that the ICT hub and part of the community will receive electricity from solar panels be installed.

The requisite site visit had already taken place by technicians and Community Development Officers at the NDMA and preparations were being made site visit to Itaballi to ensure proper facilities were in place for the new upgrade.

So far under the Ministry of Telecommunications has established a total of 174 hubs in communities across the 10 administrative regions.

Resident Pamela Persaud said she was happy that her community would have access to the web, and raised the question of power generation since the community (a relatively poor one) had no generators. “We need help … our children have to study at night,” she implored.
20-year-old Shoneta Tyrell, asked for scholarships for youths who would like to study beyond secondary school. “Most parents here in Itaballi cannot afford to send their children for tertiary education, they want to, but cannot afford it,” she said.

In response, Director General at the Ministry of the Presidency, Joseph Harmon said, “Since 2015 up to the 8th June 2019, we have issued over 1,599 full scholarships to young people (from) all the regions”.

DG Harmon promised to look into scholarships for Itaballi students.