Of the eight (8) teams that began the MOPT’s 36-hour Hackathon 2019, six (6) teams selected the same challenge and completed it, with each presenting a workable ICT application.  The main objective of that challenge was to provide a strong platform for public reports of crime and gender-based violence.  It is also intended to improve data collection systems for Law Enforcement, strengthen evidence-based decision making, and bring down the rates of crime and violence.


Create a Crowd-Sourcing Platform to address gender-based Violence and Crime


  1. Must include a facility for reporting crime
  1. Must provide technical manuals and training for users/operators of the Platform
  2. When fully operational the Platform must be subject to User Acceptance Testing by the general public and other stakeholders
  3. The designers must create a software maintenance agreement for corrective and preventative maintenance of the Platform

TEAM ‘SMOKE’ was adjudged the winner at the closing ceremony on Sunday 1 December at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre where the young technology experts were encamped.

Rayon Hunte, leader of the only 3-man Team, said that his technicians worked meticulously, ensuring that they stayed true to all of the defined parameters.  The product they eventually presented was simple and concise, and included a live chat feature especially for the crime reporting element.  Their prize is a paid contract to further develop the app to the stage of its launch.

The Second and Third place winners were Team Logic and Team Intellect Storm who walked away with $300,000 and $200,000 respectively.

This MOPT Hackathon 2019 was co-sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).  Resident Representative, Jairo Valverde Bermudez, in brief remarks at the closing ceremony said that the UNDP was delighted that some teams had female Programmers.

“I am told that in the (recent) past the Ministry executed a highly successful ‘Guyanese Girls Code’ programme.  This is a positive sign that there will be many more skilled women who will participate in these challenges,” the Res. Rep. stated, adding that UNDP is looking forward to working with Team SMOKE to refine their winning App into a portal for use by the public to report crime, and as a source of intelligence for Law Enforcement.

Ministerial Advisor, Lance Hinds, announced that the Ministry’s Industry and Innovation Department is already planning another Hackathon for the first quarter of 2020.  He encouraged local software developers to see events like the Hackathon as a means of testing their skills under duress and time constraints.