First-Time Girl Coders put on Mini Exhibition at ACCC

A special Code Camp was held in July/August for Girls selected from five (5) Junior Secondary Schools in Georgetown. That training programme ended this week, and tomorrow, Saturday 31 August, the participants will put on display the computer products they designed during the ‘Guyanese Girls Code’ camp.

That Mini exhibition will be held in the lobby of the Arthur Chung Conference Center, Liliendaal between 11.00 am and 2.00 pm. Between those hours, the 29 girls will receive their certificates.

This special Camp was inspired by the Ministry’s first “Travelling Symposium” last March to several junior high schools. The main objective was to pique the interest of these students who, it was found, were not sufficiently exposed to computer learning. The MOPT also observed that they had also missed the opportunities to learn Computer Coding, Programming and other Levels I and II computer training that the Ministry has been running.
Five students from these same schools – Charlestown, Lodge, St. Mary’s, Carmel and Queenstown Secondary – have just completed paid Internships with the MOPT’s ICT business partners, and reports are that they have performed very well.

The media is invited to cover the distribution of certificates and to speak with the exhibiting groups of Girls at the ACCC from 11.00 am on Saturday.