Baracara youths to soon benefit from ICT hub

Youths living in Baracara, Region Six, will soon benefit from their own Community Information and Communication Technology (ICT) hub.

During a recent community outreach, Chairman of the National Data Management Authority (NDMA), Floyd Levi, told residents that in the previous visit by the then eGovernment Unit, the team had done an evaluation of the communities needs to determine the level of eGov’s ICT intervention. The main aim is to provide effective and efficient eGovernment, educational and social services.

“We recognised that the residents in this community need access to every government service, so by means of technology via these ICT hubs, we can have residents here in Baracara using the internet, learning how to use the computer, and accessing government’s services online, similar to what happens on the coast land”.

He emphasised that this initiative will definitely have a positive impact on the lives of the young people in Baracara. “The education taught today is not the education taught in our time, and so if you [public] are not familiar with the computer you are receiving less education than your peers who have computers at their disposal. We realised that the children in Baracara do not have the same opportunities as others due mostly to your location, and as such, we have to bridge that gap,” Mr. Levi stated.

He said that the NDMA is partnering with the Ministry of Education and Regional education officials in a bid to place online Secondary schools’ curricula and several e-learning apps, STEM Guyana app, Brainstreet testing and other apps. The Ministry of Education also has an online learning programme which is accessible to the public.

Source: Neola Damon – DPI