Agriculture Commodities Exchange app ready for our Farmers

The Ministry has commenced training the Agricultural ‘Trainers’ who will assist farmers in Guyana to utilize the newly refined AGRICULTURE COMMODITIES EXCHANGE App. In mid March, Extension Officers at the National Agriculture Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) were introduced to the app by its developer, Innovative Systems Company (Innosys). Team Innosys won the MoPT’s August 2017 Code Sprint with this app and the last 18 months were spent refining it to make it make it very user-friendly.

DSCN2536Full demonstrations were conducted for approximately 30 of NAREI’s Extension Officers who interface with farmers daily all across the country. It was held in the Computer Room/Media Center at the Arthur Chung Conference Center (ACCC).

InnoSys will continue the demonstrations for field operatives at the New Guyana Marketing Corporation, and for several large private sector companies that stand gain economies of scale and operational efficiencies from the app.

DSCN2539The AGRICULTURAL COMMODITIES TRADING EXCHANGE will bring together producers, sellers and buyers of vegetables, fruits and other agricultural products anywhere in the world, into a single online marketplace.

For example, the Commodities Exchange will link pumpkin growers in Bartica with a buyer in Canada, or with a Barbadian resort. It will also help small scale farmers with access to the Internet to link with other farmers to satisfy large orders.

Business Analyst, Tamika Inglis said that by the time MoPT launches the national eAgriculture Strategy later this year, most front line operators in agriculture will be familiar with the app and farmers will be using it to market their produce. It certainly is a solution to the decades-old marketing problems faced by hinterland and remote farmers who lose revenue from spoilage.