$4B approved for Public Telecommunications

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Approximately $4B has been approved by the Committee of Supply as the 2019 budgetary allocation for the Ministry of Public Telecommunications.








On Day 2 of the Consideration of Estimates, Minister Catherine Hughes told the Committee that the funds cover several projects, some of which will begin in 2019.

Responding to a question posed by Opposition Member, Gillian Persaud on the $14M increase on line item 6284, the Public Tel Minister responded that the allocation covers an array of interventions including the roll out of a Data Management project in 2019.

“The allocations will cater for a special pilot project for our Data Management with respect to the digitization of records.  That is approximately $3M,” Minister Hughes explained.

This project is ultimately intended to computerize all paper records in every public sector in Guyana including the various Registries, Ministries and even the National Archives.  Other projects under this line item include the e-Agriculture Formulation project ($3M) and the ICT for PWD – persons living with disabilities project ($3M).

The Public Telecommunications budget for 2019 includes continuing projects such as the annual Girls in ICT activities; Robotics training; and Caribbean Telecommunications Union country awareness programmes. The Ministry will also continue to support STEMGuyana as well every ICT-related project it is collaborating with the Education Ministry on.

The budgetary allocations will also cover the construction and renovation of several buildings for agencies under the umbrella of the Telecommunications Ministry, including the Telecommunications Agency.