Hon. Catherine Hughes, MP

Minister of Public Telecommunications
Ministry of Public Telecommunications

Colgrain House
Camp Street, Georgetown, Guyana

Tel #: +592 225 6826  Fax: +592 225 0666


Message from the Minister

Hello Everyone,
I heartily welcome you to our website, and invite you to stay connected if only for the benefit of being the first to know about the measures we take to turn Guyana into a digitally competent, internet-savvy nation of people. This site is where all/most of the ICT action will play out, whether it is happening at government ministries and agencies; at the university, schools, NCERD and the rest of the education community; whether it is for the business community – large business or micro; or when we complete the fibre optic and LTE cable expansion programme and we make the connections at Lethem, Annai and Mabaruma.

This Ministry, 10 months old in October 2016, has only just begun but we’ve already accomplished some significant benchmarks. Please stay connected. Very shortly we will start to provide you with tips and advisories on setting up new businesses and all the other possibilities open to you. This site will provide links to public agencies and even private sector events and achievements related to Information Communication Technologies.

Minister Cathy Hughes