Establishment of an ICT Park in Guyana

Expression of Interest
Establishment of an ICT Park in Guyana
Ministry of Public Telecommunications
Government of Guyana


The Ministry of Public Telecommunications (MoPT) is desirous of accessing technical assistance to facilitate the preparation of a feasibility study for the establishment of an ICT Park.
There is an increasing need for ICT enabling services in Guyana and a demand for such services throughout the world. Investors around the world want to be able to have a competitive cost of production. With the establishment of an ICT park, Guyana can become a viable option for regional and international investors to develop their product/services in the area of Information and Communication Technology.

The Oil and Gas sector is now the new focus for Guyana with the promise of increase wealth and a boost in the economy. Georgetown has become the O&G hub with local, regional and international companies setting up operations in and around Georgetown. Nevertheless, ICT remains a progressive industry which will play a major role in the development and support of the Oil and Gas sector in Guyana. What Guyana needs now, as it take steps towards economic diversification generally and toward becoming knowledge economies specifically, is an investment in local talent development. ICT needs to be a primary focus, as economic growth depends on technology.

The purpose of establishing an ICT Park is to provide a specific enabling environment for the growth of ICT as a separate productive sector. Due consideration will be given to the possibility of this initiative being located either in or outside of Georgetown as part of the overall strategy for national development.

  • Specific objectives for an ICT Park in Guyana are:
  • To create basic infrastructure for the establishment of an ICT Park in Guyana.
  • To promote balanced development of the ICT industry in Guyana
  • To create a conducive environment to attract local and foreign companies for establishing and operating ICT and other businesses to add to the development of the economy.
  • To construct facilities and other utilities services at a proposed location to create ready infrastructure for local and foreign investors.

Project Purpose
The principal purpose of the short-term assignment is to conduct a feasibility study on the development and utilization of an ICT Park. This study will be over a period of six months.

Scope of work:
1. Prepare Demand Forecast for proposed ICT Park in Guyana.
2. Identification of critical success factors for an ICT Park within the context of Guyana.
3. Conduct Market Survey among potential businesses of the ICT Park
4. Review of evaluation and best practices in other emerging countries.
5. Explore modalities of private sector participation.
6. Convene and support stakeholder consultations and validation sessions
7. Formulation of an implementation and operating framework for an ICT Park.
8. Conduct preliminary social and environmental analysis of the site and conduct financial analysis through financial modelling.

Required Experience and Qualification
1. A graduate degree in finance/economics/management
2. Substantial experience in conceptualizing ICT Parks
3. Minimum of 8-10 years’ experience in the preparation of technical feasibility studies in the selected area of focus.
4. Extensive experience in countries with similar emerging industries.
5. Ability to constructively engage at a senior government and ministerial level
6. Good interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team in a consultative and collaborative manner
7. International and Regional Experience (including in developing countries)