Animation Studio

Over the last few years, there has been a rise of animators in Guyana, with the first 15-seat animation studio established by Animatix Studios in 2013. Guyana can potentially offer services in the 2D and 3D market segmentations (higher focus on 2D animation).

According to the Global Animation Industry Report (2016), the major animation markets are: the United States of America (USA), Canada, Japan, France, Britain and Germany. An opportunity then lies in Guyana’s labour cost advantage and growing animation skill-set to satisfy these markets.


Cost Comparison

We can potentially enjoy price-matching with respect to India, thereby possessing the ability to cost compete with North America, Europe and the Caribbean. Also given, the location of Guyana, it creates an alternative for North American companies seeking more feasible options in comparison to countries in the East.


The table below shows the average cost per minute for an animation feature around the world

Location Average Cost Per Minute (USD)
Europe 12,000
USA (&Canada) 10,000
Republic of Trinidad & Tobago 2,800
Republic of India 2,500