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ICT Overview

A well-developed Information & Communication Technology (ICT) sector can significantly contribute to a country’s economic growth and development, however, ICT in Guyana has been lagging behind its sister countries within the Caribbean.

In December 2015, the Government of Guyana (GOG) introduced the Ministry of Public Telecommunications (MoPT) with the mandate to develop and operationalise an enabling environment that will facilitate the optimum utilisation of ICT in Guyana. More so, with internet access now considered a basic human right, the MoPT is on an on-going mission to provide connectivity to all Guyanese regardless of location.

Much of Guyana’s ICT development over the last two decades must be credited to the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GT&T) company. While the company continues to enjoy a monopoly (since 1990) over the sector, the passing of the Telecommunications bill in 2016 to fully liberalise the sector will provide many business opportunities within Guyana for local and foreign investors.

ICT is known worldwide to be disruptive in nature and in the case of Guyana this is not different. One of the biggest challenges the MoPT faces in its attempt to create a digital economy is resistance to change due to culture.  However, the MoPT in collaboration with other stakeholders, is actively working to create a cultural shift across all regions in Guyana.

benefits to investors

Educated / highly literate workforce

High trainable workforce

Cost Advantages : Competitive labour costs, Low business costs

Simple business environment

Only English speaking country in South America

Not prone devastating natural disasters

Time zone

investment opportunities

Since its establishment, the MoPT has implemented a number of programmes (such as our mass ICT training programmes, national competitions, and sensitisation events) to raise awareness among the general public as to the importance of fully open ICT ecosystem. By doing this, the ministry has simultaneously created an enabling and competitive private sector environment, with an every growing ICT workforce. Thus giving rise to investment opportunities in Guyana’s ICT sector.

BPO (Offshore)

Being the only English speaking country in South America, high literacy rates, and compatible accents with the USA and UK, makes Guyana an ideal host for BPOs.

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Animation Studio

Over the last few years, there has been a rise of animators in Guyana, with the first 15-seat animation studio established by Animatix Studios in 2013.

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Technology Park

A technology park can house a number of major projects from both the private and public sectors to smaller-scale projects like ICT- startups.

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ict specific incentives

general incentives

Exemption from Customs Duty on a wide range of ICT equipment including computers and their hardware accessories, integrated circuits, micro assemblies and apparatus

Unlimited carryover of losses from previous years

Zero rate of Value-Added-Tax on Computers and hardware accessories, routers, switches and hubs for networking computers, toner cartridges and ink cartridges for computer printers

Full and unrestricted repatriation of capital, profits and dividends

Exemption from duties and taxes for items covered under an Investment Agreement

Benefits of double taxation treaties with the UK , Canada, Kuwait and Caricom countries

Tax Holidays

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