Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Three Intent-Driven Campus Networking Innovations

As enterprises look to accelerate the digitalization of office and production environments, they are facing three core challenges in terms of enterprise efficiency and digital experience.

First, due to the ever-growing use of mobile office and audio/video applications, user complaints about WiFi instability are becoming more frequent. Second, network administrators are unable to backtrace and demarcate user- and application-related faults. Third, the amount of encrypted traffic such as HTTPS has increased dramatically, and attackers can exploit this traffic to evade traditional detection.

To help address these challenges, Huawei has announced its next-generation Intent-Driven CloudCampus Solution, which builds on Huawei’s latest Intent-Driven Network (IDN) architecture and comes with many innovations. In this webinar, we will show you:

  • How to implement fault prediction and self-healing of wired and wireless networks by using the AI technology in order to build a more intelligent network
  • How to simplify midsize, large, and multi-branch campus network deployment and management through network virtualization and cloud technologies so as to build a more simplified network
  • How to improve the WLAN network capacity and experience through SmartRadio to efficiently respond to challenges brought by fast-growing 4K video, Virtual Reality (VR) applications, and Connectivity of Everything
  • How to provide customers with faster industry application rollouts, shorten Time-To-Market (TTM) from months to weeks, and build an open network

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