Public Utilities Commission



Contact Information

GEORGETOWN (Region 4, County of Demerara)
Lot 106 New Garden Street
Queenstown, Georgetown
Guyana, South America

Tel: (592) 226-7042
Fax: (592) 227-3534

PORT MOURANT (Region 6, County of Berbice)
Port Mourant, East Berbice-Corentyne
Guyana, South America

Tel/Fax: (592) 336-6077

The functions of the Commission are regulatory, investigatory, enforcement and such others as conferred on it by the Act. The Commission also has the power to initiate and conduct investigations into the operations and standards of service of any public utilities under its purview. The Commission does not issue licences for the operation of any utility.  This is the responsibility of the Office of the President in the case of telecommunication, Office of the Prime Minister in the case of electricity, and the Minister of Housing and Water in the case of water and sewerage services. The Commission is not involved in the administration of the frequency management or spectrum allocation in the telecommunications sector. This is the purview of the National Frequency Management Unit. The Public Utilities Commission is not involved in policy matters, but may be called upon to act in an advisory capacity to the Ministers responsible for utilities on such matters concerning the utilities as are referred to it by the relevant Ministers.


  • To establish and enforce rules and procedures for the regulation of public utilities, commensurate with internationally accepted regulatory standards.
  • To promote and regulate the efficient long-term provision of utility services for national development consistent with Government policy.
  • To provide a fair environment conducive to business interest, investment in the public utilities sector, and the interest of consumers.
  • To investigate and seek to resolve in a timely manner complaints filed with the Commission against any public utility.
  • To successfully execute its functions in a fair, transparent and independent manner.

Public Utilities Commission – Commissioners:

Mr. Prem  Persaud – Chairman
Ms. Della Britton – Commissioner
Mr. Morris Solomon – Commissioner
Mr. Rajendra  Bissessar – Commissioner