National Data Management Agency

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  • To advise the minister on any matter pertaining to data processing and in particular to promote and facilitate the orderly development of data processing in accordance with the objectives of the Government by such means as the Authority may consider requisite, advantageous or convenient for the purpose.
  • To advise the minister on such matters that will ensure that the acquisition of new EDP resources or the deployment or use of exiting EDP resources within the Public Sector is consistent with the general policies of the Government
  • To carry out survey and carry throughout the Public sector to determine its information needs and to assess the relevance of existing or proposed information systems;
  • To maintain an information base regarding the recruitment policy, pay and conditions of service in relation to personnel engaged in data processing for used by the Public Sector;
  • To determine the type of training needed by personnel required to manage and operate data processing system, prepare suitable training programs, arrange or advise on appropriate training courses and assist educational institutions in establishing curricula in data processing;
  • To devise plans and strategies for technological advancement and development of EDP facilities in the Public Sector;
  • To monitor and review all plans prepared by the data processing centres in the Public Sector and to give guidelines, advise and direction of these centres;
  • To establish and enforce a set of data processing standards which are consistence with the efficient operation of the data processing centres in the Public Sector in all relevant areas.



Cabinet considered the above mentioned memorandum CP (2017) 2:2:FF submitted by the Minister of Public Telecommunications and approved the appointment of the Board of Directors of the following entity in the Public Telecommunications Sector, for a period of three (3) years with effect from February 1, 2017 to January 31, 2020.



  1. Floyd Levi – Chairman
  2. Francis Simmons – Member
  3. Lenandlar Singh – Member
  4. Rayman Khan – Member
  5. Michael Griffith – Member
  6. Clement Henry – Member
  7. Marcia Thomas – Member
  8. Sedella Ferrell – Member
  9. Yashwanti Ramudit – Member
  10. Lance Hinds – Member